Logo square
The house and amazing pine
Our back deck
Zzz bed
Room Zzz bath
The property c. 1900
Bette with jackhammer
Periwinkle's bed
Periwinkle Bathroom
Paul with jackhammer
1694 fireplace c. 1932
historic marker
Stone porch before and after
1694 bathroom floor
1694 sink
eggs in basket
The cottage chimney
hallway sconce
Louise Ferguson on the ladder
From Dodd Rd crop
hall table with cups
A wedding out front
Map of Mansfield 1790
The first floor fireplace...
composie 1694 bathroom
Living Room
coffee service
House before stone...
Copper pot
The dining room
Scones and Facoccia
The tub in Periwinkle
View from the east
The stairs viewed from above
The house before stone
Louise and Frank Ferguson
Homemade buttermilk scones
Hall snack area
The house before stone
Our chicken yard
The house c. 1900
The front arches
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Stone Arches Bed and Breakfast
614 Storrs Road
Mansfield Center, CT 06250
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hallway sconce